New Clutches / Clutch Replacement 

Is your clutch... 
Making a noise? 
Causing your Pedal to stick? 
No clutch will last forever. The facings on the clutch disc wear as the miles accumulate. The clutch pressure plate and flywheel can become scored, worn, warped or cracked from all the heat and friction generated by the clutch. A perfectly good clutch also can be ruined by oil contamination. The cable or hydraulic linkage can fail, or the release bearing, pilot bearing/bushing or fork can wear out and prevent the clutch from working properly. 
We can replace your worn clutch with a fully guaranteed unit. If you think you may have any type of clutch problem feel free to call in and we will check your clutch and if any work is needed we will happily give a free quote for the repairs. 
There are a variety of things that can go wrong with a clutch and we take pride in providing a fast and an efficient clutch replacement service. 
New Brakes / Brake Replacement 
Brakes are your car's most important component. Worn brakes take longer to stop your vehicle and incorrectly adjusted or poorly serviced braking systems can cause increased fuel consumption. 
We carry out all types of brake work and are an approved Specialists. This gives us the credentials to deal with all types of brakes. We can fit anything from a set of brake pads to undertaking a complete overhaul of your braking system including ABS. All our work is fully guaranteed and only top quality parts from reputable manufacturers are used. 
Diagnostics - We have in house state of the art diagnostic equipment for tuning and scanning most makes of car / van. 
MOT + Interim Car Service  
MOT + Full Car Service  
Air conditioning recharge £60 inc vat 
Call us for more details 
*applies to ANY make of car / van under 3000kg 
We specialise in: 
Car Service, Van Servicing 
New brakes, Replacing brakes 
New clutches, Replacing clutches 
MOT Southampton, Van MOT, MOT repairs 
Breakdown Recovery in Southampton 
Fixing squeaks and rattles 
Fitting new tyres 
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